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We offer a complete in house design process:-

From specification, our designers work in close collaboration with the mechanical design engineers to ensure manufacturability and that the design can be readily tested during manufacture and assembly.

Our deisgners create:-

Schematics & PCB layouts with continual cross checking of mechanical and positional requirements

Our engineers also take into account any thermal relief and cooling requirements early on in the design process. We then perform component placement and circuit routing according to IPC standards

Prototype PCBs are usually sub-contracted out to volume suppliers

Circuit design optimisation is generally performed at the schematic/layout stage but this may be an iterative process to take into account EMC, thermal and the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive

Our in house PCB design team at Waterfield Electronics is part of a multidisciplinary group capable of designing high performance electronic circuit boards based on many different processors including Texas, ARM, Microchip, AVR plus many more.

We regularly design high density multi layer boards for Analogue, Digital, DSP, and Radio based projects with particularly difficult EMC constraints placed on them by their relevant industry standards.

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